DIY Design & Build Your Garden As Your Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Discover how good it feels to transform your own yard or landscape into your perfect outdoor living space by following the step-by-step process + frameworks to design & build the garden you truly desire.

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Hi! I'm Ed  :-)

I want to help you Create Your Own Garden!

Designing & building a garden is about so much more than gardening- it's about creating an outdoor living space to enable the lifestyle we want for ourselves and the people we care about.

Whether you call it a yard, landscape, or garden- If you are a homeowner looking to DIY design & build your own garden as the perfect outdoor living space, there are just two big things to figure out:
How to Craft Your Vision + How to Make It Real
If you want to take control of being able to create your own outdoor living space so you can finally have the garden lifestyle you truly desire, we're here to help.

We offer one clear roadmap to guide you, with three programs to choose from to get you on track (and help you stay on track) to completing your garden 2-5x faster than trying to DIY it on your own.
Get the support you need to finally create your garden!
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Here's what our students are saying:

Yuliya B. - New Jersey
"Ed is knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic about teaching about gardens, design process and how to implement it.

[If you are] not sure how to organize your garden space and make it a reality, this is for you."
Cynthia S. - California
"I took Ed's Garden Plan Workshop in February of 2022.  It was a fantastic workshop and really helped me get moving on my maps for a permaculture design course I was taking. 

After the workshop I wanted some additional assistance with my maps, so I began working with Ed one on one.  Since then, Ed has provided valuable feedback on all of my maps, helped me move through many road blocks, and been very patient with my tendency towards perfectionism.

Ed is so knowledgeable and easy to work with that I would recommend him to anyone looking to create a garden plan."
Sue R. - Tennessee
"If anyone is hesitant about doing this... DO IT! Ed is a fantastic teacher!

We learned so much this winter- and are putting our plan into action this spring!"

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